Endometriomas - Chocolate Cysts - In Common Chinese Medicine Viewpoint

I. Definition
Regular Chinese medication defines ovarian cyst can be a health care issue attributable to extra- dampness (brought on by blood and fluid stasis) accumulated during the abdomen and step by step coalesces into phlegm, that may manifest as lumps and masses of various kinds, together with chocolate cysts, bringing about menstrual blood stasis while in the ovaries (much like the retrograde theory in Conventional drugs) attaching to your floor of ovaries and turns into endometriomas/chocolate cysts.
II. Signs and symptoms of endometriomas -chocolate cysts
There is ONLY A little distinction between standard Chinese medicine and traditional drugs when concerns signs of endometriomas
1. Progressively expanding menstruation cramps and suffering
They may be brought on by contractions of uterine muscles as ensuing of about manufacture of particular hormones of the prostaglandins relatives through the endometriomas, as her periods become additional agonizing or that the agony starts earlier or lasts lengthier.
two. Suffering in the course of intercourse
The penetration motion with the penis can make discomfort within an ovary certain by endometrial implants or adhesion.
3. Intense period of time discomfort
It Ordinarily transpires with more than-creation of prostaglandins and leukotrient triggering the cervix to contract causing no escape to the menstrual time period.
four. Challenging to get pregnant
Should the cyst is offered in the ovary, it can respond to hormone changes from the menstrual cycle creating the cysts for getting massive every month blocking the traditional perform of ovaries causing infertility.
5. Pain elevate to ward the tip of period.
Considering that the blood are not able to escape, it retents in our overall body leading to harm to the organs or any Section of the body internet hosting the endometriosis resulting in critical discomfort towards the end with the time period.
nine. Ache in a single aspect of pelvic
Agony on a single facet on the pelvic during menstrual cycle can be brought on by endometrial implants or adhesion to that facet from the ovary due to blood stagnation.
10. Extra on symptoms As outlined by conventional Chinese drugs
a) Pale tongue
b) Fatigue
c) Very poor appetite
d) Free stool
e) Pale facial area
f) Perspiring with small exertion
g) And many others.
III. Leads to of endometriomas-chocolate cysts
one. Stress
Considering that liver is opened towards the spirit components, prolonged period of time working or living in superior tension natural environment will trigger irregular functionality of liver in shifting blood from the vessels as a result of qi stagnation, resulting in blood stasis during the abdomen cavity, including the ovaries.
two. Spleen
Spleen is a vital organ in absorbing foods essence and distributing qi and fluid to system organs. If for what ever explanation (as a consequence of extend interval intake of raw and chilly food or Functioning in chilly environment, and so forth.), producing deficiency of kidney in fluid distribution and lung and liver qi in moving blood while in the vessels, bringing about fluid retention and blood stagnation.
3. Kidney
As kidney not gained enough qi to move fluids as many as nourish the human body organs and qi upward, it leads to fluids gathered during the admen, leading to pathogen of extra -dampness, causing heat currently being created, leading to phlegm, the main will cause of lumps and cysts.
four. Liver
If liver function in blood formation and transporting blood to the center vessels are distorted as a consequence of liver qi stagnation, then blood can not transfer freely and efficiently in the blood vessels, leading to blood stagnation.
5. Lung
Lung gets food items qi from the spleen and combines it with air that we breath in to kind the lung qi to flow into in all channels in the human body. If spleen is weak, it causes weakened lung qi in assisting the liver in relocating blood and kidney in going fluid to the entire physique, resulting in liver qi and blood stagnation and fluid retention.
IV. Solutions
A. Spleen qi deficiency
A.A. With Chinese herbs
one. Mu Gua (Quince fruit)
Besides assisting to raise spleen purpose in food stuff digestion, it increases the kidney perform in qi and fluids regulation, therefore, minimizing the dampness gathered because of kidney qi stagnation and preventing its the shifting downward tendency, leading to abdominal soreness and spasms through menstrual cycle.
two. Chen Pi (Tangerine peel)
Chen pi is Spleen and kidney tonic herb. It presentation besides improves the Spleen qi operate transferring downward, thus, lessening spleen stagnation causes of abdominal distention, fullness, bloating and digestive condition, In addition, it will increase on the purpose to dry dampness, Consequently lowering the kidney congestion, bringing about coughs with stifling feeling in the chest.
3. Zhi Shi (Immature bitter orange)
Zhi shi continues to be utilized for thousand of a long time in standard Chinese medication in dealing with qi stagnation in kidney due to gathered of phlegm as a consequence of kidney deficiency, thus lessening the dampness results in of abdominal cramps and agony and distention. Since it cool in nature, it can help to Increase the abdominal pain and constipation caused by accumulation and stagnant qi.
A.B. With Acupuncture
Suggested acupuncture points
one. CV12 (Zhong wan)
two. ST 36 (Zu xan li)
three. SP6 (San jin jiao)
4. SP3 (Tai bai)
5. UB20 (Pi shu)
6. UB 21 (Wei shu)
7. Etc
A.C. With Foods
one. Full grains
two. Asparagus
three. Cabbage,
four. Eggplant
five. Apple
six. Cherry
7. Black sesame seeds
8. Tofu
9. Beef,
10. Chicken
11. Tuna
12. Etcetera.
B. Lung qi deficiency
B.A. With Chinese herbs
one.Ren shen (Ginseng)
Ren shen is regarded as amongst strongest herbs in strengthening the first qi in the human body. In lung, it improves the lung qi by moistening the channels, As a result minimizing the indicators of asthma, dry cough and avoiding the rebellion qi triggers of menstrual cramps and discomfort.
2. Xi yang shen (American ginseng)
Xi yang shen is yin in nature, besides promoting the lung and spleen qi, In addition it improves the digestive procedure in absorbing critical Electrical power and cutting down the warmth brings about of qi stagnation by moistening the all qi transportation channels, especially for qi stagnation brought on by deficiency of yin.
3. Dang shen (pilose asiabell root)
Dang shen is usually a spleen and lung tonic herbs. It increases the lung purpose in transferring qi easily by means of its channels and spleen function in absorbing qi after foods moving into the stomach. In addition it can help to revive the qi which can be ruined by heat because of an infection, inflammation or warmth generated due to too much fluids accumulation.
four. Tai zi shen (pseudostellaria root)
Aside from assisting to enhance the spleen and lung qi, Furthermore, it Enhance the blood transportation and spleen and stomach in absorbing critical Electricity for our human body cells and generates fluids to stop the heat results in of qi stagnation.
B.B. With Acupuncture
Instructed acupuncture factors
1. BL13 (Fei shu)
two. CV6 (Qi hai)
three. LU1 (Zhong fu)
4. LU9 (Tai yuan)
five. ST36 (Zu san li)
seven. BL20 (Pi shu)
8. CV12 (Zhon guan)
9. And many others.
B.C. With Foods
1. Entire grains
two. Oats,
three. Roasted barley
4. Sweet rice
five. Pumpkin
five. Potatoes
6. Taro root
7. Squash
eight. Carrots
9. Corn
10. Etcetera.
C. Kidney qi deficiency
C.A. With Chinese herbs
one. Rehmannia glutinosa (shu li huang)
Rehmannia glutinose In addition to has been Employed in prevoz bolesnika classic Chinese medicine in managing kidney dysfunction, In addition, it helps to revive the stability of yin and yang qi of the kidney causing rising the kidney operate in fluid distribution and advertising balanced reproductive organs.
two.Morinda root ( ba ji tian)
Morinda root In addition to is Employed in classic Chinese medicine in improving the kidney irregular operate brought on kidney yang qi deficiency, Therefore maximizing the immune program and marketing sexual motivation.
3. Cuscuta (tu si zi)
Cuscuta is really a kidney and livertonic drugs, Aside from helping to tonify the kidney fluid distribution by urinary secretion, In addition, it maintaining the solid the liver qi circulation, thereby reducing the risk of blood stagnation and h2o retention triggers of pounds achieve and menstrual cramps and discomfort.
four. Cinnamin bark (rou gui)
Cinnamin bark is qi tonic herb and sizzling in mother nature, Aside from helping the liver in retaining the smoothing qi movement to your complete entire body, it also encourages the kidney yang qi circulation and healthy adrenal gland.
five. water plaintain root (ze xie)
Drinking water plantain root helps to launch the kidney qi stagnation and improves the kidney in h2o metabolism, resulting in lessening the signs or symptoms of water retention and body weight acquire.
C.B. sanitetski prevoz bolesnika beograd With Acupuncture
Prompt acupuncture poimts
1. BL23 (Shen shu)
two. BL25 (Da chang shu)
3. BL fifty two (Zhi shi)
4. DU4 (Governing meridian four)
five. REN4 (Conception meridian 4)
six. REN6 (Conception meridian 6)
seven. KD3 (Tai xi)
8. BL60 (Kun lun)
nine. Etc.
C.C. With Foods
C.C.one. Kidney yin deficiency
a) String beans
b) Celery
c) Parsley
d) Grapes
e) Plum
file) Berries
g ) Sea salt
h) And so forth.
C.C.two. Kidney yang deficiency
a) Onion
b) Radish
c) Pistachio nuts
d) Walnuts
e) Leek
f) Shrimp and lobster
g) Black pepper
h) Wheat sanitetski prevoz cena germ
i) And many others.
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D. Liver qi and blood stagnation
D.A. With Chinese herbs
1. Angelica (Dong quai)
Angelica can be a queen herb for women reproductive tonic, it has been Employed in conventional Chinese drugs in treating all Females successful condition, which include
a) Growing the liver in blood development
b) Lessening liver blood stagnation triggered about production of specified hormones
c) Releasing the qi stagnation together with pre menstrual syndrome.
d) Phytoestrogen
The plant varieties weak estrogen really helps to occupy the estrogen receptor sites, Hence improving upon the liver function in regulating the prostaglandins hormones leading to lessening the menstrual cramps and agony.
2. Milk thistle seed
Milk thistle seed can be a liver tonic herb, Other than helping to to restore the qi stagnation a result of atmosphere toxins, Furthermore, it increases the liver function in blood and qi operate by regenerating the liver's mobile.
three. White pony ( bai shao)
White pony is really a blood tonic herbs, Aside from assisting to improve the liver perform in blood development, So decreasing the menstrual cramps and soreness prompted blood deficiency,Additionally, it promotes liver yin and yang balancing by calming liver yang and preserving yin.
four. Fennel seed ( xiao hu xiang)
Fennel seed Other than help to release the stagnation due to imbalance of yin yang qi during the liver, Additionally, it helps you to Enhance the functionality of abdominal organ resulting in lessoning the signs and symptoms of menstrual cramps and soreness.
five. Yellow dock root
Yellow dock root is usually a liver tonic medicine, In addition to helping to detoxify liver by taking away any destructive substances accumulated within the liver, it enhances the liver purpose in regulating the creation of hormones before and following ovulation.
D.B. With Acupuncture
Advised acupuncture factors
one. BL18 (Gan shu)
two. CV12 (Zhong guan)
three. CV17 (Shan zhong)
four. SP4 (Gong sun)
5. ST36 (Zu san li)
6. BL15 (Xin shu)
7. CV14 (Ju que)
eight. LR3 (Tai Chong)
nine. And many others.
D.C. With Foods
D.C.one. Liver qi stagnation
a) Tofu
b) Mustard seed
c) Squash
d) Sweet potato
e) Red and black date
f) Rice
g) Caraway seed
h) Mushroom
i) And so on.
D.C.2. Liver blood stagnation
a) Leek
b) Chestnut,
c) Rosemary
d) Cayenne
e) Ginger
file) Cayenne
g) Eggplant
h) White pepper
i) Etcetera.
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